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Clothes that you love!

minimal in design, bold on ethics 



We make fashion for everyBody for any occasion. The clothes we produce, are not only sustainable because of its materials but also in design and their versatile use. Thereby we concentrate on being as inclusive as possible and save resources along the way. 


Here we need you. We would love to make you fall in love with your clothes again and own your garments, instead of just consuming them. Sustainable production is just one part towards more responsibility in the textile industry. We want to have an impact that goes beyond the purchase and on the way society treats fashion.

Together we can create change!

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I'm Marlene, the founder of MAGOË. With my work I make sure you get the fashion you were looking for - minimalistic, confident, beautiful and yet ethically made - by handcrafting in Europe or even Austria.


With your support I am continuously working on it


  • more size inclusivity

  • improving our more sustainable standards

  • on a clear statement that our body is not a trend

  • a fair pricing policy

  • many new favorite parts



     Nice that you're here!

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